G20 – Between G2 and G200


This year’s summit of the G20 took place from 4 to 5 September in Hangzhou, China. The agenda once again went beyond the classical economic issues of growth, trade and investment, and covered climate change, the 2030 Agenda or Sustainable Development, Brexit and even terrorism and health issues. These summits are gradually turning into sessions of some kind of a Global Economic Security Council, if not of a Global Directorate bringing together the most important established and emerging world powers. Should the G20 remain a stage for those preferring the freedom of ad hoc actions than global multilateral scrutiny, or should it be integrated into the more legitimate UN structures, revitalizing them at the same time?


On the role of engaged art in an increasingly globalized world and old and new Jerusalems. An interview with the Nazareth-born filmmaker Elia Suleiman (1960), President of the Jury at this year’s, 22nd Sarajevo Film Festival.




The organized LGBTI movement in Turkey has been growing and gaining more recognition as a progressive force. Accordingly, its activities faced more repression.

Viral Europe

‘Yes, Minister’ unveils secrets of British foreign policy on Europe; United Nations and diplomacy.

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