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Britons have voted to leave the EU with a clear margin – 4% of the vote corresponding to more than a million voters. One hoped that the mobilization of UK and European leaders, Obama’s intervention, the warnings of businesses and the financial sector, and wide condemnation of Jo Cox’s murder would have persuaded the British electorate to vote for Remain. Nothing of that sort. When the popular millstone starts rolling there is nothing that can stop it…


Would the British vote to leave the EU had there been a pan-European public sphere? Would nationalist and populist arguments have the same appeal in Britain and other European countries? An interview with the realists behind Politix EU


Could Brexit signal a Trump victory?

If the Brexit vote led Britain and the European Union into uncharted territory, a Donald Trump victory could see the most powerful country in the world become the standard-bearer for populist movements everywhere. The danger is very real as both Brexit and the rise of Mr. Trump share common factors that could give us some indications as to how Americans will be voting in November.


A Scot’s View on Brexit

On Friday, 24 June 2016, Brits woke up stunned to discover that the UK had voted to leave Europe. It was an earth-shattering sensation. As a Scot abroad, I was devastated. Thirty years for nothing? The vote of the ignorant, the elderly and some so rich that they don’t need to belong to anything, had turned their back to the world, progress, positive environmentalism and so many other elements that are an integral part of belonging to the EU.


The organized LGBTI movement in Turkey has been growing and gaining more recognition as a progressive force. Accordingly, its activities faced more repression.

Viral Europe

‘Yes, Minister’ unveils secrets of British foreign policy on Europe; United Nations and diplomacy.

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