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Why this publication?

We launched Katoikos.eu as a “community-creation” project. Our goal is to reach normal citizens across Europe, get them interested in European affairs in the largest possible sense, and encourage them/you to engage in horizontal dialogue. Our goal is also to help fellow EU citizens and ourselves develop opinions on European issues that we often do not know much about, although we should and we must, because they impact our lives. For that purpose we use all the tools available: from analysis to humour, information to opinion, standard narrative to theatre, text to video and audio.

We would like our readers to interact with us, with our contributors and with each other across borders. The challenge for all of us is to identify what is European in essence within the national and sectoral universes where each one of us mostly lives, and reveal it to readers from other countries and sectors. Also, why not elevate aspects of reality normally kept within national or local borders to a larger audience? In doing so we believe that we are… Making Europe.

Katoikos.eu was founded in 2014 by José-Luis Herrero and Georgios Kostakos.

What does “Katoikos” mean?

In Greek, katoikos means resident or inhabitant, and can refer to both a man and a woman. And that defines the spirit of our publication with regard to Europe as we would like to have it — a Europe for each and every katoikos, each European citizen or non-citizen resident, from the youngest to the eldest, no matter what gender s/he may have, what language s/he may speak, what religion or cultural tradition s/he may follow.

We want to bring out the basic common elements that unite us and celebrate the diversity that makes us unique. On this basis, we can build a shared European identity from the bricks that already exist: the open borders, the common currency for many of us, the Erasmus student exchange programme, the common interest for peace, human dignity and well-being.

Who are we?

Georgios Kostakos photo Georgios Kostakos – Co-Founder, Publisher, and Editor-in-chief
He has broad experience with the United Nations system in New York and in the field, including on climate change, sustainable development, and strategic planning. He also worked with the European Commission, the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), the University of Athens, The Hague Institute for Global Justice and Salzburg Global Seminar. Georgios has a PhD in international relations and a mechanical engineering degree, and is also currently serving as Executive Director of the Foundation for Global Governance and Sustainability (FOGGS) and as Board member of Stand Up for Europe.
Daniel Tkatch photo Daniel Tkatch – Managing Editor, Columnist
He was born in Kazakhstan and studied physics, art history, and philosophy in Israel, Germany, and Belgium. He is currently based in Brussels, where he pursues a research in philosophy at the University of Leuven and covers cross-national political issues and developments in visual arts as a freelance journalist. Winner of the German-Polish Journalism Award 2014. Follow him on Twitter at @danieltkatch.
Meghan Meghan O’Farrell – English Editor
She has a Bachelor degree in Political Science from the University of Notre Dame and is currently a fellow at the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid, where she is completing a Master degree in International Relations. She has spent the past 3 years teaching English with a grant from the Spanish Ministry of Education and has experience as an intern at the Brookings Institution and the Office of the late Senator Edward Kennedy in Washington, D.C.
Hansens HansensCartoonist
A former student in political science and sociology, specialised in EU studies, he was snatched up by the Brussels bubble a couple of years ago. As a journalist and illustrator, he is deeply interested in casting an amused and ironic eye over the world, and understanding and depicting its political and social issues in a few lines and pencil strokes.
Niko Costantino Niko Costantino – Coordinator of Fundraising and Communication
He holds a BA in Languages and International Relations from the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and an MA in International Relations with Political Strategy and Communication from the Brussels School of International Studies (University of Kent). His main interests include Mediterranean and European relations, cultural diplomacy and non-state actors. He collaborates with the think tank KEDISA as foreign policy analyst and participates in NGOs by advising on communication and lobbying strategies.


Frank Aragbonfoh Abumere
Matteo Angeli
Diana Bruk
Reina Capitle
Alicia Cebada
Niko Costantino
Charlotte Cotton
Daniel Rabal Davidov
François Denuit
Giorgis Despotakis
Jasmina Dimitrieva
Clément Fontan
Cristian Gherasim
Maximos Giannis
Dario Groppi
Thomas Hakvoort
Jorie Horsthuis
Dominik Kirchdorfer
Androulla Kyrillou
Panagiota Manoli
Georgios Maris
Sean McDaniel
Dirk Messner
Paul Mielgo
Bavesh Moorthy
Samira Mouaci
Christos Mouzeviris
Cristina Neves
Driss Ouazzani
Gürkan Özturan
Marta Pacheco
Vaios Papanagnou
Elisabeth Pieplow
Margarita Poulakou
Raquel Prado
George X. Protopapas
Tristan du Puy
Dhelon Curtis Neillssen Raynold
Deniz Torcu
Richard Willmsen
David Yarrow

Support us

Informed analysis and incisive commentary require time and energy. If you like our work and think it deserves the attention of wider audiences, we would highly value your contribution, however modest.

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